Consulting, advicing and accompaniment in the development and implementation of Energy projects.

  • Market analysis and studies.

  • Opportunities detection.

  • Business plan development.

  • Financial analysis.

  • Technical – Economic projects feasibility.

  • Logistic studies.

  • Procurement and supply strategies.

  • Engineering and construction review.

  • Legal advice and support.

  • Project Implementation

Training on Energy Topics

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Electricity

Accompaniment, review and representation in public tenders processes.

Assessment of maintenance programs, operation, measurement processes and systems for both LPG facilities and auto-tanks, avoiding risks to the safety of people or damage to human health, living beings, the environment and the working facilities.

Inspection and maintenance control programs according to Mexican and international official norms.

  • Electrical Engineering.

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Instrumentation and Control Engineering

  • Quality standards

  • Process Engineering.

planta de Gas LP

Camión auto-tanque de combustible o Gas LP

Legal advice on applicable energy norms


  • Hydrocarbon Exploration and Extraction

  • Recognition and surface exploration.

  • Marketing activities related to hydrocarbons, natural gas, petrochemicals, and Oil products.

  • Project feasibility.

  • Transport services.

  • Storage.

  • Distribution

  • Retail


  • Electrical energy generation projects.

  • Cogeneration and independent electrical energy production projects, self-consumption, export, import and other modalities regarding electrical Energy.

  • Contracts

  • Production and transmission of electrical energy.

  • Backup.

  • Interconnection.

  • Purchase and sale of surplus electrical energy.

  • Electrical energy independent production.

Management and intermediation with Energy Sector Authorithies

  • Licenses for Commercialization, Storage, Transportation, Distribution, Public Expedition, etc.


  • Measurement Management System

  • Quality sampling and analysis

  • Environmental Impact (MIA / IP)

  • Risk Analysis

  • Environmental Studies

  • Contingency Plan

  • Accident Prevention Program

  • Enrollment as Generator of Hazardous Waste

  • Unique Environmental License

  • Annual Operating License

  • Industrial Safety, Operational Safety and Environmental Protection Administration System (SASISOPA)

  • Export and import hydrocarbons Licence

  • Social Impact

Advice and support in the business operation.

  • Audit for ensuring the entire celebrated contracts fulfillment, as well as the legal provisions governing the Energy Sector.

  • Business operation legal assistance.

  • Tax advise.

  • Fiscal advocacy

  • Payroll process

  • Transfer pricing studies.

  • Audit for local and federal tax purposes./li>

  • Financial audit

  • Expert opinions.

  • Accounting

  • Taxes

  • Labor issues