Assistance in the development

Effective accompaniment in the development and execution of projects regarding hydrocarbon and electrical energy

Experiencia en desarrollo de proyectos y estrategias comerciales, análisis, evaluación, proyectos de almacenamiento, transporte e importación de petrolíferos y con proyectos de plantas y ductos

Management and intermediation

alongside top regulators from the Energy Sector.

Asesoramiento de la Reforma Energética

Providing consulting and advisory

Consulting and advising services for projects related to the Energy Sector.

Asesoramiento de la Reforma Energética

Who we are?

Firm of consultants, advisors and professional engineers with more than 35 years of interdisciplinary experience offering a wide range of services in the Energy Sector.

Our services

BCS offers consulting services, project advice and process management before regulatory authorities on the following activities within the Hydrocarbons sector:

  • Importation and exportation.

  • Commercialization.

  • Exploration, production, processing, transport, storage, distribution and public retail.

  • Procedures and requirements from regulatory authorities


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